Fundwise Affiliate Programme

Fundwise Affiliate Programme is in essence a programme for directing companies to Fundwise so they would start their crowdfunding campaigns. The representatives of the Programme are called Ambassadors.

A minimum scenario would be when an Ambassador makes a personal introduction via e-mail, LinkedIn etc. This will also serve as a written proof for both parties and allows excluding leads that are already in contact with Fundwise. If both parties agree that the introduced contact is indeed a new lead, Fundwise will take over further communication. Affiliate Programme will provide the Ambassador 20% of the success fee from the campaign. For example when the company raises €200 000 the success fee is €10 000 and the Ambassador receives €2000 from it.
Companies suitable for the Fundwise platform

  1. It is a public limited company registered in Estonia or has a SPV or holding company in Estonia if it is a company in another country.
  2. Companies with a proven track-record during at least a year. Tech startups with a good idea (no track-record) should have a prototype, but preferably some revenue stream already.

  3. Other type of companies that are still in the idea phase could work. I.e. energy cooperatives or a real-estate project or a new cafe/restaurant etc.

  4. Team should present a reliable background.

  5. The team/company must be able to create a campaign and provide a business plan regarding their business (idea).