Fundwise campaign price consists of three components:

  1. Pre-consultation fee 1200 euros.
  2. Campaign fee starting from 1200 euros.
  3. Campaign success fee 5% of the total amount of funds raised during the campaign and 90-day period after the campaign.

20% VAT is added to all prices.

If the campaign did not reach its minimum target on our platform, but did so during the 90-day period after the campaign was closed (spillover effect), then we have a right to invoice and receive payment. In that case our fee is the same, 5% of the funds raised + VAT.

In addition to the use of platform and equity crowdfunding model our service includes also our consultancy, legal advice, campaign marketing and project management + VAT.

In case of the non-payment of the service fee Fundwise has the right to request and the entrepreneur has the obligation to pay an interest of 0.5% of the total amount of the service fee for each delayed day.

If the entrepreneur fails to comply with the obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions, Fundwise has the right to require the entrepreneur to pay a penalty fee.