​Crowdfunding - the opportunities and risks ​

21. September 2015

CEO of Swedbank Investment Funds AS, Kristjan Tamla, explains t​​he opportunities and risks involved when investing in crowdfunding projects.​



  1. Allows ​to​ dilute your investments because of the usually low initial investment amounts.
  2. Gives the chance to invest into projects dear to one's heart (i.e. a neighbourhood cafe).
  3. Crowdfunded projects allow the investor to be more hands-on in the project and influence its outcome.


  1. All types of crowdfunding aren't regulated enough still.
  2. ​Investing in projects dear to one's heart may silence the voice of reason.​
  3. An investor may not ​understand​ what kind of ​crowd​ funding ​to prefer for​ their portfolio - loan, award​ or equity-based​.