New investment opportunity - innovative electric bicycle Ööbik

17. November 2015

Our new crowdfunding campaign - the electric bicycle Ööbik (nightingale in Estonian) invented by Estonians - has been up only a couple of days, but they've managed to secure 15% or 5500€ of their desired investment already! The young inventors got their first investment during 10 minutes of live.

Ööbik is the next generation of bicycles combining the newest technology with timeless design and great rideability. The company has an ambitious plan of selling 250 bikes in Scandinavia and Western Europe during 2016.

Ööbik awaits you for a test-ride

The team behind Ööbik awaits all potential investors during the duration of the Fundwise campaign every Wednesday at 3PM to 7PM at their workshop at Paldiski road 25. An excellent opportunity to meet the team, ask additional questions and naturally - to test ride the Ööbik's electric bicycle. If this time is not suitable, other arrangements can be made by calling 55 6000 88 or writing to

You can support the flight of the Ööbik here: