Our fifth successful campaign - Swimitation!

04. March 2016

FANTASTIC FINISH! Our fifth successful campaign is Swimitation. The campaign which ended on the most special day of the year - February 29 - got overfunded by 115% and gained 15 new investors. Coincidentally, all of our successful campaigns have overfunded their initial investment goals. 

The patented technology for health and fitness developed by Waterflight OÜ ie. the Swimitation therapy bath combines water, fitness, privacy, deep relaxation and water therapy. The company has all rights and the form needed for the bath's production, they've also opened a day spa and showroom in the Telliskivi Creative City. The bath has also won the public's favorite prize at the Estonian design awards BRUNO. 

Swimitation in the media (Estonian and international):

Äripäeva tööstusuudised: http://toostusuudised.ee/article/2014/8/6/eesti_idufirma_loi_uudse_vanni

Gadgetify: http://www.gadgetify.com/swimitation-bath/

“Kanal2”: http://www.reporter.ee/2014/09/04/eesti-idufirma-loi-uudse-vanni/