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Healthy Energy

124 200 € (448%)

of 27 692 - 129 462 € goal funded

12,58 % of total equity offered
138 € minimum investment

Quick Pitch

It is a well-known fact that the pace of life in developed countries continues to hasten, forcing people to exert themselves to accomplish more than ever before. This in turn means that people browse stores for products which would help them cope – gain increased energy and banish tiredness, all in a healthy manner.

According to market research information by Nielsen, two beverage categories in Europe are growing faster than any other – energy drinks and water. The energy water series under the BELIEF Energy Water brand incorporates both of the above, standing in the market as the first energy water in Europe – a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks!

Today, we sustain a stable customer base and cash flow and, furthermore, enjoy export opportunities in four European nations – all this in only nine months. In the coming months we are about to enter at least four additional export markets, i.e. we constitute an actively operating business.  

Investors interested in helping us include an Estonian brand in the world map are welcome to join forces with us!