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Innovative selfservice carwash

48 420 € (24%)

of 199 980 - 1 000 080 € goal funded

4,25 % to 18,18 % of company offered
180 € minimum investment

Quick Pitch

Mündipesula is a leading self-service carwash service in Estonia since 2013 with a 35% of market share in self-service car washes at the moment. We have ten car washes in Estonia for now. They are located in Tallinn, Haapsalu and Narva. 

The feedback from customers until now has been very positive, stating that our self-service solution helps save time and makes the process itself an interesting experience. Mündipesula carwash stations are located near major shopping locations in different cities.

Our company consists of only a few, but very ambitious and professional employees, and we are using only the newest high-level technology at our self-service car washes. We also have two different loyalty programs for customers - first is offering our clients an opportunity to forget about all the coins, cash and just pay using our loyalty card and the second one is like Netflix or Spotify of the car wash industry, allowing customers to pay conveniently at the wash giving them the opportunity to save up to 40% from each wash. 

We have a desire to grow, so with funding we want to open 7 new car washes in different cities. Previously, we have only focused on the Estonian market but we also plan to enter the neighboring markets of Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Later we will also launch an application with all our locations, instructions and payment options. 

Problem & Solution

Every car needs washing, even if the owner does not always want this. A regular wash preserves the car’s paintwork and a clean car always looks neat and tidy. In winter, you want to wash your car more often because it gets dirty faster. But there aren’t enough hand car washes at all, which results in queues, sometimes even for several hours, and not everyone has time for that. In addition, such washes are quite expensive, especially if you try to keep your car clean by washing it several times a month. This is where self-service car washes come to the rescue.

Among their advantages are: price, possibility of choosing the washing mode and duration (you can wash it for 20 minutes or for 5 minutes - you decide) as well as quality (just wash off the dirt or make a thorough wash with chemistry). Obviously, self-service car washes offer the best value for money.

Product/Service Details

Today, Mündipesula is the most innovative chain of self-service car washes in Estonia, operating in three cities – Tallinn, Haapsalu and Narva. Most car washes are located in Tallinn and there are 10 stations in total.

Only the best and highest quality equipment is used to provide the service, and customers are often given a choice. If a customer wants to wash a car with a high-pressure wash, then there are high-pressure guns. However, some of our customers prefer to use brush pistols, so we have installed brushes in some of the wash areas.

Innovative Mündipesula offers various payment solutions:

•            Coins

•            Tokens

•            Credit or debit card

•            Loyalty program card 

•            Paypass application

•            using Smartphone (mTasku, Monyx, etc.).

Mündipesula car washes have a total of 8 different washing functions. Only the best chemicals, not damaging paint, and many great scents (lime, cherry, etc.) are used for washing. Differences in colours and odours allow customers to see and feel that the washing functions are different and that a real variety of chemicals is provided. It also creates customer confidence in the car wash and improves the quality of the washing.

Mündipesula products are distinguished from other car wash detergents by a rigorous process of selecting the chemical products they use. Different washing programs require functioning of various car wash detergents and chemicals to allow the customer to see great results as well as the difference between different washing programs. As mentioned above, car wash products are added with different colours and scents to ensure that only good feedback from customers is obtained and every customer's feedback is highly valued.

As our customers are really important for us, we offer different opportunities to pay for service. Clients can pay with coins, credit cards, mobile phones apps, loyalty or Subscription cards. We have launched two different loyalty programs which offer our clients different opportunities. Our first loyalty program is offering our clients an opportunity to forget about all the coins, cash and just pay using our loyalty card. Clients can upload money on card via our webpage or directly in Mündipesula car wash. A loyalty card is also giving our clients a free bonus of a vacuum cleaner session. 

Our second loyalty program is a subscription of “Subscription” card. This is like Netflix or Spotify of the car wash industry. This card allows customers to pay conveniently at our car wash and gives them the opportunity to save up to 40% from each wash.

Business model

During our first year we opened two self-service car washes. For now, we have ten car washes in three different cities (Tallinn, Narva and Haapsalu) in Estonia. Interest in self-service car wash services is growing due to the fact that self-service car wash technologies are changing and developing constantly. If, for example, 5 years ago there were only 4 functions at the car washes, then at the moment there are already washes with eight functions, including the super-foam function (M-power), which has become very popular with the customers. Also, the turnover and income of our company is growing every year, which indicates that people have a great interest in self-service car washes and there is a demand. And additional functions at our self-service car wash and the loyalty programs help us sell more services and increase margins. 

Our key figures:

- Over 1 million washes have been made through our self-service car washes. 

- Within 6 years we have opened 10 car wash places.

- More than 3 100 followers on Facebook page (no.1 page compared to other similar pages.)

- More than 1500 clients using our loyalty programs. 


Mündipesula is the leading self-service car wash company in Estonia and we have 35% of the market share in self-service car washes. Previously, we have focused on the Estonian market. We will continue to focus on the Estonian market for another year to get even better understanding of our clients and their needs – so that we would be able to offer the equipment and chemicals necessary for them.

At the moment, our competitors are similar self-service car washes and portal-automatic (Pesutänav, eesti.k.) car washes. The latter most often use gas stations and their price is usually twice as high. Self-service car washes and handwashing possibilities exist on the same market – this is due to the fact that customers want to wash their car quickly and are really interested in just hand-wash possibilities, instead of opting for a maximum package of services. 

Traction & Accomplishments

Within 6 years opened already 10 self-service car washes in three different cities in Estonia (Tallinn, Narva, Haapsalu). We have already been supported by EAS and in 2019 bought one car wash from our competitor Wash24. 

  • Self-service car wash technologies are changing and developing constantly and we are using only the newest high-level technology.
  • Some of our carwashes are located in underground parkings so they are warm and perfect to use in winter time.
  • Some of our carwashes are open 24/7, so it is easy for costumers to wash a car whenever they want that. 
  • Turnover and profits of our company are growing every year and are really stable. 
  • We have a strong team with all necessary competences and our team is growing every year. 
  • There is a lot of different opportunities to pay for a car wash – credit card, coins, loyalty or “Subscription” card. Also is it possible to pay via mobile phone apps. We are one and only self-service carwash in Estonia that is offering all these payment methods. 
  • Our self-service car washes have already 8 different functions and we were the first on the market that included a super-foam function (M-power) to our car washes. M-power function became very popular with the customers.
  • We are the first self-service carwash, that has launched a loyalty program “Subscription”  that helps us sell more services and increase margins.

How We’re Different

Our car wash network has many significant advantages that make us market leaders in self-service car washes.

  • An important difference being a big advantage is that our network already has 10 car washes that serve several Estonian cities at once. 
  • Another advantage is the versatility of our washes. Some of them have 8 functions, with the most popular “super foam”, which is gaining popularity among customers. It helps to clean a car from dirt quickly and efficiently.
  • Our washes have availability of various modern methods of payment for services at our washes. This creates a friendly environment for customers of all ages and with different financial opportunities. Everyone chooses the most convenient payment option for them.
  • We have the main special feature of our wash: the subscription program. Thanks to this option, our customers have the opportunity to become a member of the program and receive a discount upon each car wash.
  • We have equipped our sinks with modern and convenient devices and options so that everyone would feel comfortable visiting us.
  • In addition to a car wash, customers have an opportunity to use a vacuum cleaner, rug cleaning, car dryer, and buy fragrances, wet wipes, anti-bitumen spray and other necessary and pleasant things needed for the salon from the M-kiosk. 

Uses of Funds & Timeline

We are going to invest the collected money in the development of our washes in other five largest cities in Estonia. There is a potential to increase our market share from 35% to 50% and open at least 7 new washes in Estonia.

In the future, there is a potential to open similar car washes, with the latest technologies and very convenient payment systems in other countries as well.

Mündipesula has never raised money before and always tried to cope on its own and use traditional financing, but due to the popularity of self-service car washes, there is a need to open new car washes in different regions of Estonia and in other countries. We have a desire to grow faster. Construction at our own expense means an inability to open more than 2 car washes a year. 

Obligations to Investors, Profit Distribution

Mündipesula will keep all the investors informed about the company's news as of the end of each quarter. Investors will get newsletters with a summary of the company's results and plans. In addition, every investor is more than welcome to contribute to the company's development and share ideas.

The main financial goal of Mündipesula is to continue earning profits for its shareholders and start with paying dividends already in 2021.

Additional benefits offered to investors

Depending on the size of the investment investors, we are including some gifts and discounts on our products and services. Packages are available for pick-up in Tallinn or can be sent via Omniva or Smartpost. 

360€ + - Investor’s package

  • MINI subscription card (5 washes per month) for one year
  • Free vacuum cleaner use
  • Mündipesula branded card holder

1080€ + - Investor’s package

  • MIDI subscription card (10 washes per month) for one year
  • Free vacuum cleaner use
  • Mündipesula branded card holder
  • M-kit gift package

More than 2160€ - Investor’s package

  • MAXI subscription card (20 washes per month) for one year
  • Free vacuum cleaner use
  • Mündipesula branded card holder
  • Car detailing products as a gift

Risks and Mitigation

Mündipesula operates well on the Estonian market for now. There are risks in all companies, even in the largest and most famous companies. The Mündipesula team thought through all the possible risks before starting their business and minimized them. The company has existed for several years and the indicators are very positive and stable every year.

Before we start entering new markets, we plan to launch a big pre-marketing campaign to gather interest from customers and get more information about them and the new regions.

At the moment, we are very active on the market and customer reviews are good. Also, as interest in self-service car washes is growing, people stop buying equipment for washing at home. Moreover, it was already said earlier that it is much more convenient to wash at a self-service car wash.