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RentMarket - amazon for renting

Renting will be easy as ordering a taxi!

12 320 € (175%)

of 7 040 - 12 320 € goal funded

0,59 % to 1,03 % of company offered
352 € minimum investment

Quick Pitch

Imagine if renting a tool or sporting equipment was as easy as ordering a taxi!

The idea was born in a forest, where I was building a house and suddenly realised I needed a hammer drill. I couldn't get it anywhere near-by, because I was in the middle of nowhere. But the idea cought me and didn't let me sleep. Talking to other friends in the field, chatting with friends and reading some books about the collaborative consumption and sharing economy I became more and more certain: there a huge opportunity here. It also sounded strange because the idea was not new at all, but the a lot of people agreed with me about the potential and yet nobody had been able to build it to success (almost nobody knows about these projects that are all related to construction) encouraged me even more.

RentMarket is doing things differently than our competitors and it has already paid off. Today we are the biggest search engine and price comparison site for construction tools and equipment in Estonia. Other categories will be live soon.

We are collecting investments to build our platform further to "amazon for renting", the STRATEGY doc is available HERE.