2, 3 & 125 000

28. October 2015

This is no sudoku. Exactly 2 months have passed since the first equity crowdfunding platform in the Baltics went live. 3 companies have succeeded to get overfunded, totalling the first investment pot at 125 000€.

We've got more numbers to impress you (and ourselves). Our first crowdfunding campaigns were seen by 10 000+ people from 100+ countries. The successful trio represents a varied spectrum of companies - a local craft cider maker (Siidrikoda), a gaming company (Rogue Ambassador) and the rent-anything platform (RentMarket) that promises to be the Amazon for renting. All three overfunded their initial investment goals - Siidrikoda by 155%, RentMarket by 175% and Rogue Ambassador by 403%. A total of 77 new investors were attracted by the companies.

As we are baking new campaigns, we would like to announce an exciting new opportunity for all of you reading this - the Fundwise Affiliate Programme! In a nutshell we are looking for Ambassadors - the mover & shaker type of people who would be interested in directing entrepreneurs to Fundwise. Affiliate Programme will provide the Ambassador 0,5% of the total sum raised when the campaign is successful. The fee can paid out to both individuals or a company. There are more specific rules to the programme, so in case of interest in becoming our Ambassador, please write us at info@fundwise.me.