How the Tiny Estonian Government Can Give a Boost to the Global Crowdfunding Industry with their e-Residency Project

19. September 2015

Today's guest post comes to us from Ronald Kleverlaan, an expert advisor for the European Commission on “Crowd Investing” and co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network, plus a member of the advisory board of several leading crowdfunding platforms and initiatives in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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Campaigns are on fire - RentMarket has already 75% of their goal funded!

11. September 2015

A mere two weeks have passed since the first equity crowdfunding platform opened in Estonia (and the Baltics) but the companies looking for funding have been on a roll.

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Fundwise now officially launched!

27. August 2015

Official launch of Fundwise - the first equity crowdfunding platform in the Baltics - took place on August 26 at NO99 cafe-restaurant.

Fundwise creates a new opportunity for raising money for the Estonian entrepreneurs. For investors a new investing scope is opened for participating in the growth of companies from various fields.

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Kristjan Lepik: Equity and loan based crowdfunding are like tea & coffee

18. August 2015

“Crowdfunding - both loan and equity based - is growing fast all over the world,” states Kristjan Lepik, the Head of Smart Specialisation at the Development Fund. What investors need to understand is that they differ like tea & coffee - one just needs to choose which suits their investing needs more.

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Fundwise's co-founder on the future of crowdfunding at TechHub Riga

07. August 2015

Our co-founder Henri Laupmaa gave a speech at TechHub Riga about the future of ‪crowdfunding‬ and helped later brainstorm new ideas. The event was supported by Projektu Banka, a new crowdfunding platform in ‪‎Latvia‬.‪

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