Fundwise announces collaboration with Estonian e-Residency

05. November 2015

Fundwise - the first equity crowdfunding platform in Estonia and the Baltic states - and the Estonian e-Residency team are preparing to launch the first business crowdfunding platform with secure authentication and digital signing.

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2, 3 & 125 000

28. October 2015

This is no sudoku. Exactly 2 months have passed since the first equity crowdfunding platform in the Baltics went live. 3 companies have succeeded to get overfunded, totalling the first investment pot at 125 000€.

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​Extraordinary notice​

19. October 2015

​We would like to hereby announce that due to the fact that an existing pre-agreement to invest between an investor and the most successful Estonian​ gaming company thus far Interactive Fate, which did not realise due to technical difficulties, we will extraordinarily reopen the Rogue Ambassador campaign.

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​What are the benefits of equity crowdfunding?

08. October 2015

​Equity crowdfunding will give a company the chance to involve their product's or service's existing clients or fans among the investors, considers Fundwise's CTO René Lasseron, adding: "It is also a very good way to boost the company's marketing efforts."

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​Crowdfunding - the opportunities and risks ​

21. September 2015

CEO of Swedbank Investment Funds AS, Kristjan Tamla, explains t​​he opportunities and risks involved when investing in crowdfunding projects.​



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