A Return to Our Roots: A Brief History of Crowdfunding

07. January 2016

Author: Claire Millard

Crowdfunding is here to stay. 

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Fourth successful campaign raised 91 500€ and secured a record no of investors

21. December 2015

Behind our crowdfunding platform’s fourth successful campaign are Estonian innovators aka the inventors of the electric bicycle called Ööbik (Nightingale in English). Ööbik overfunded their initial goal by 244% and raised 91 500€ in investments.

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How to value your company?

02. December 2015

Vahur Vallistu, project manager of Project Financing Department of Swedbank

The first issue to be considered when calculating the value of a business is the subjectivity of such a valuation. There are different methods to do that, all have theoretical reasoning, but these approaches and methods may often result in different outcomes.

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New investment opportunity - innovative electric bicycle Ööbik

17. November 2015

Our new crowdfunding campaign - the electric bicycle Ööbik (nightingale in Estonian) invented by Estonians - has been up only a couple of days, but they've managed to secure 15% or 5500€ of their desired investment already! The young inventors got their first investment during 10 minutes of live.

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Fundwise announces collaboration with Estonian e-Residency

05. November 2015

Fundwise - the first equity crowdfunding platform in Estonia and the Baltic states - and the Estonian e-Residency team are preparing to launch the first business crowdfunding platform with secure authentication and digital signing.

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