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HUUM to North-America

The world's first interactive sauna heater

28 116 € (71%)

of 39 600 - 207 900 € goal funded

29,58 % of total equity offered
198 € minimum investment

Quick Pitch

HUUM sauna heaters are known for their design and innovation. Due to that fact and a constant product development the HUUM products have needed a minimum marketing effort to have successful sales figures. HUUM sauna heaters are manufactured in Estonia and awarded by internationally recognized Red Dot Design Award . In addition to their unique appearance and outstanding quality properties, HUUM products are filled with up-to-date IT technology.

To our knowledge the control console UKU is unique in the World right now, since it is able to connect to the internet without any additional equitment like WiFi routers or similar. Using the GSM network it is able to have a two-way communication with the heater. The user may set the timing and temperature of the heater anywhere within the reach of a GSM signal area and get the feedback on actual temperature, timing, heater room door sensor, overheating sensor etc. using the specially developed mobile app (iOS and Android).

By the end of 2017 and with the help of finances gathered by the current joint funding campaign we plan to complete the product development of the 100-110V electric heater and the control console compatible with the North-American GSM network frequencies, obtain the cSGSus certificate as well as initiate the manufacturing process in Estonia and sales activities in USA and Canada.

New World Trading Partners Ltd. (NWTP) has been founded with the main purpose of entering the North-American market with HUUM products. Its core business activities include the development, manufacture and sales of 100-110V electric heaters and the compatible control consoles. It will conduct continuous product development and make preparations for entering the rest of the 100-110V electric system areas in the World in 5-year perspective. The main shareholder of the company is Asine Ltd. (fully controlled by Siim Nellis) which also holds the ownership of Huum Ltd. – a company currently manufacturing and distributing HUUM electric heaters and control consoles compatible with 220-240V electric system areas all over the World. NWTP has also the second main shareholder – Asset Pro Ltd. (fully controlled by Hannes Kunart) which main activities include international trade and distribution.

The general purpose for setting up a new company for enetring the North-American market is to manage the manufacture, legal system and financial risks. Since the manufacture and initial distribution to the 100-110V areas will be done and warranty given by NWTP, the potential third party claims would not jeopardize the intellectual and material property of the manufacturer and distributor of separate (220-240V) HUUM products. NWTP has an exclusive right to manufacture and distribute 100-110V HUUM products all over the World as well as to enter the necessary contracts with the regional distributors and wholesalers.