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Real-life quests, educative routes and tools for their creation.

39 360 € (131%)

of 30 080 - 71 040 € goal funded

6,99 % to 15,08 % of company offered
160 € minimum investment

Quick Pitch

Questcity is a new service for creation and completion of interactive and educative quests or routes through mobile application. It can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store. With Questcity every user receives access to unlimited world of adventures. The initial creators - Paradox team ( started with escape/questrooms and conveyed adventures played in limited space to outside environment. We created Questcity App to show how interesting quests can become in the real world.

Early in May all users will get possibility to construct their own quests through our website (Questcity Quest builder) and to sell them in our Questcity store. Meaning that guides can earn money from created routes offline and 24 hour a day, 7 days in a week.

Our application is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with city, conference or event in new interactive way. It is a sophisticated tool for companies and guides to create their own unique content, sell it to larger audience and analyse post statistics.

We would like to raise financial resources for marketing campaigns and hire additional employees. Our mission is to become the most popular service used for creation of interactive quests worldwide. 

Problem & Solution

Initially, games aimed at finding an exit from a room were only available in computer versions. In recent years, in analogy to computer games, “Escape rooms” came into sight - real-time quests, where people can test themselves and play without screen and mouse, solving puzzles in reality. What we do is offer further development of this idea by making Questcity trip games through the Questcity mobile App. The uniqueness of such entertainment is in the target audience: city dwellers and tourists can enjoy their life by performing various riddles while walking around the city. Our mobile application is targeted to several segments: orienteering, event organizers, city governments, tourists, as well as all other interested individuals, who would like to test their skills and solve various digital puzzles. 

The relevance of using Questcity App is that it offers people a new kind of entertainment, something they have not tried before. Such games are perfectly suitable for those, who visit new places to explore them in an unforgettable way or spend leisure time interactively. 

Our App will allow users to boost their activities, move around much more and pull them away from comfy sofas.

Product/Service Details

Our mobile application is packed with various features: GPS navigation, maps, polls, quizzes, reward points, audio and video features and guides that allow you to play various puzzles in rally style - sights rally in the city, adventures in museums, looking for answers of exhibitors and much more. Questcity gives an opportunity for everyone to make their own search trip through our application. Users can make a profile, create a quest, sell it or offer for free and then get an assessment from participants. This functionality can suit many companies, who plan to organize conference, special events or arrange any regular exhibitions.

You can also try our content developed by Paradox team such as Old Tallinn Quest, which is already available in Questcity store. Old Tallinn Quest is a new type of active entertainment, when Questcity application helps to turn your walk into exciting adventure.

Business model

According to well-known Alex Osterwalder business model, we made a breakdown of our company into 9 blocks.

Business canvas.


Questcity App is packed with various features, which allows to have multi segmentation in our strategy. We can offer services for legal companies, who might be interested in conferences’, events’ or meeting organizations. For example, we designed quest for GameDevDay conference organized by Creative Mobile. Questcity was chosen to conduct special quiz for every conference participant to get special price from Creative Mobile and their partners. The quest allowed visitors to check companies’ booths in interactive way. According to database, 4 473 different events were organized in Estonia in 2017 with 48 914 foreign participants and 233 577 local ones (Lätr, Lehtsaar, & Tiigi, 2017). Therefore, there is enough space to provide Questcity applications’ offers for event organizations to enrich their conference with unique and unforgettable experience.

To raise the variety of routes and quest available in our application we are going to promote application features in universities for students to be quest masters, as an alternative to part time job. Our application will allow to do something really unique in many different industries and what is more important, to work in preferable hours without studies interruption. Only in TTÜ there are more than 11 000 students and 13% of them come from foreign countries (Tallinn University of Technology, 2017), who might be interested in such income source.

Therefore, our goal is to do cooperation with Student council for promoting application usage in different events and conferences by engaging young people to think creatively and add value to our product. Currently we have similar cooperation between EBS, TTÜ student councils and Paradox escape rooms. We would like to expand such cooperation for educative routes and guides for Questcity App in the near future.

According to Estonia Statistics, tourists stream increased by 3% in 2016 compared with previous year (Estonian Statistics, 2016). This tendency is expected to keep growth rate in the next years. One of our main segment groups are tourists, who are interested in interactive tours in explored cities. We launch this service in Estonia first, however application has no restrictions to any location worldwide. Meaning, that city tours and quests could appear in any country and place. 

Traction & Accomplishments

  • Published iOS and Android applications
  • The service is distributed via and
  • We have more than 1 000 followers on our facebook page and more than 67 reviews 5 out of 5 personal ratings. In our Instagram there are around 1 000 followers
  • We are finalizing Questcity builder and Questcity store in our website:
  • Our application is used in Paradox questrooms
  • Already created around 15 unique routes
  • Created several unique Paradox team quests in Tallinn, Narva and Narva-Joesuu
  • Conducted Quest « GDD» for Creative Mobile GameDevDay
  • Conducted one of the biggest urban quests in Estonia for 4 cities
  • Registered domains .se, .fi, .lv, .lt, dk, .pl, .org with forwarding to
  • Maintaining cooperation with Paradox questrooms, Sutochno daily apartment rent, Noorus SPA companies and other partners like Estonian Business School and Tallinn Technology University student councils
  • In GameDevDay special journal edition we published an article about Questicity application with announcement of our intention to gather additional investments
  • We presented ideas in ETV+ and that was warmly taken
  • Promotional tours will be distributed in Sutochno Ltd apartments
  • All previous work was done through Paradox LLC, but commercial right for Questcity application belongs to Geek LLC.

How We’re Different

We have a broad experience in organizing different quests and events for various company portfolios. This experience gives our team confidence in finding the best way to solve clients’ requests and offer greater service.

We built our service in such a way that allows anyone to use and construct their own interactive quest and, therefore, earn money. Our offer solves various problems for companies connected with communication to participants of new events. We propose unexpected solutions for legal companies to organize conferences. Questcity is a perfect service with well-built infrastructure around it.

We are focused on details. Application is neatly designed and colored in 2018 trend tones. It is very attractive and eye catching. However, design is only one of the important parts, which are connected to various technical features and this environment jointly provides perfect impression on our services.

Our simple and convenient approach to sell quests and routes online through the website, App and Google Play stores makes purchase smooth and fast for every user. Quests can be launched immediately without any intermediates. Played in any time, 24/7 – it does not require any internet connection.

Our application is first in European market with such design and functionality. We allow everyone to become quest builders and sell routes according to creators’ ideas.

Uses of Funds & Timeline

Invested money are planned to be distributed between marketing and recruitment of additional personal. We already registered several domains such as .se, .fi, .lv, .lt, dk, .pl, .org and next step is to start Questcity expansion in Europe. That requires big investments into marketing campaign (refer to questcity_marketing_2018). Application management, development and maintenance activities will also rise with user portfolio growth.

Our main cost drivers in 2018 are (refer to questcity financial report eng):

  • 26% personal costs;
  • 40% application management, maintenance, licenses and support;
  • 34% other costs.

Action plan for 2018 in case of 30 080  investment:

  • 2 additional sales persons recruitment;
  • 15 400 euros will be invested into marketing;
  • Application for patent agency;
  • Search engine optimization made for websites;
  • To sell more than 10 white label solutions;
  • To sell more than 1 000 routes in 2018;
  • To sell more than 900 general profiles for quest builder;
  • To sell more than 300 premium profiles for quest builder;
  • Participation in several fairs.

Action plan for 2018 in case of 71 040  investment:

  • 5 additional sales persons and 2 developers recruited;
  • 32 400 euros will be invested into marketing;
  • Application for patent agency;
  • Search engine optimization made for websites;
  • To sell more than 20 white label solutions;
  • To sell more than 3 887 routes in 2018;
  • To sell more than 1 100 general profiles for quest builder;
  • To sell more than 800 premium profiles for quest builder;
  • Contract optimization with Makecommerce to reduce prices for transaction processing;
  • We will increase expenses in adwords, facebook and instagram in different European markets to get routes and guides creators and additional clients.

Information about Questcity investments plan was shared on GameDevDay conference.

Obligations to Investors, Profit Distribution

Questcity is not a mere idea but an actively operating business with several achievements done and great potential in the future with digital recreational services.

Our goal is to start paying dividends already in 2020 - in the amount of 20 000 € and 40 000 € in 2021 (refer to questcity financial report eng).

We are focused on long-term development, service expansion and company value increase, however we do not eliminate an option that in case of a good offer, the company could be sold to a bigger player. ​

Additional bonuses for investors:

Investors that invest at least 500€ will receive:
- An opportunity to conduct large scale event using our application - free of charge;
- Gift certificate for one-time visit of any Paradox questrooms in Tallinn and Narva;
- X5 special promo codes to complete quests excursions - free of charge.

Risks and Mitigation

Competitors will develop same functionality and start expansion.

  • This risk always stays. However, we tried to make the brand and solution itself to be widely used in many areas. That would diversify our portfolio and make us hard to compete with. We also invest our time and effort to make new solutions and add new value to service. Our plans include virtual reality elements, social network integration and rate list for quests. We guarantee to be on track and do not stop on the developments achieved. We are now looking for additional investments to speed up our development in other regions and therefore create bigger market entrance barriers for new competitors.

Trends in quest and routes will not be popular in next years

  • We already developed main functionality and it is ready to go. We have partnerships with Creative Mobile, Noorus SPA, Astri keskus and other companies. Therefore, we will not be late with service launch and customers as well as our partners will be able to use service straight forward without any delay. That minimize the risk that we will miss the trend and provides us advantage in front of other competitors.
  • We also tested clients’ interests in quest and interactive adventures. We sell ready to go quests through questroom and nowescape webpages.