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Connecting people through translations

8 400 € (28%)

of 30 064 - 150 000 € goal funded

15 days to go

1,96 % to 9,09 % of company offered
121 € minimum investment
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Quick Pitch

Skuuper combines two key technologies - machine translation and translation memory. We do offer a classical translation service on our platform, nevertheless, Skuuper is foremostly a technology company focused on developing translation software. 

Our key difference is that our tool Tõlker is easy to use for anyone without experience or training in translation. Skuuper saves time and money by making the complex professional tool easy to use for all people, not only professionals.

Our groundbreaking feature will be the translation memory data share feature, that will even more reduce time and money needed to do the job. 

Funds raised on Fundwise will be used to launch Skuuper's translation tool in Estonian market and start preparations to enter other target markets.